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A second cataract surgery in the same eye

I had a cataract surgery in my right eye 5 days ago. Seems that the lense that was placed in the eye is too strong: As a resut my distance vision is very good, however, I even cannt read properly with 2.5 diopter reading glasses. I need probably between 4 and 5 diopter to be able to read. Also I do not see my face in the mirror properly and have difficulty to see objects close to me. I am wondering if the surgery can be repeated and the bad lense can be replaced with a proper lense?
I had cataract surgery in the left eye 4 weeksago and that eye is seeing properly without any problems.
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An IOL can be exchanged. But it's a more complicated surgery than cataract surgery itself.
Talk about it with your surgeon. You could also get a second opinion from another specialist.
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