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A starter question regarding myopic macular degeneration

Dear Dr. Hagan,
Thank you for answering questions with so much care and detail!  I'm presently using the 'search' function to learn more about myopic macular degeneration as I'd not heard of it before a few days ago.   I read your blog entry and also a few posts.  I will be seeking a 2nd opinion because my present retina specialist to my surprise told me he was diagnosing me with this instead of the previous diagnosis of dry/early/and asymptomatic age related macular degeneration.  
My glasses prescription - I don't have it with me, but it's never been double digits - it's been -8.50.  My question is, what is the minimum prescription (if there is one) to qualify for this type of condition?  I've received no prognosis.  I notice that posters I've read so far who have myopic macular degeneration do receive treatment and I do not.  I'm mid- 60's and got the early dry ARMD dx about 3 years ago.  
I know I'm highly myopic but I think a 2nd opinion regarding this will help to know if I really do have this condition or not.  I just accepted what the dr said but later I realized I didn't know what was involved/what it even meant.
Your caring, time and attention to so many questions as well as your blogs and articles are greatly appreciated.
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If you will go to my home page (active link in blue on this page) and look through the 34 blog postings there is an article on age related macular degeneration.  High myopic is generally consider over -6 diopters glasses RX.   Sometimes myopic macular degeneration (MMD) is difficult to differentiate from age related marcula degeneration (ARMD), sometimes its easy.  There is no definitive treatment for dry MMD, if 'wet'  VGEF (like Avastin) is injected into the eye. Concentrate on what can be done for ARMD.  This includes taking AREDS 2 supplements.
Thanks so much, Dr. Hagan.  That's very helpful. Yes, I do the AREDS.
AREDS 2   (twice/day plus multivitamin),   also food rich in lutein: spinach, greens, kale, brocolli, aspargus, etc.
Yes, thank you.  Also the national association for ARMD sends out free information including a book called "Eat Right for Your Sight" or something similar.
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