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I live in the UK and after a routine eye examination was found to have a hole at the back of my left eye. I was adviced to go to Moorfields Eye Hospital and was later diagnosed to have a small atrophic hole in an area of lattice degeneration in my left peripheral retina. My vision is 6/6 bilaterally.
I was adviced that this condition is common with people with short sight and any laser treatments might add to complication in an already delicate area.
Does the fact i have a small hole and iam still relatively young (iam 28) indicate that retinal detachment is inevitable in the near future?  
I thank you in advance for your reply.
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Not inevitable but higher risk over your life.  If you do not get prophylactic laser done around the hole, you need to get regular dilated eye exam to check on the hole and make sure there is no fluid building under the retina (every 6 months or so).  If you ever get increased floaters, flashes of light, or a curtain/cloud out of the corner of your eye, you also need an immediate dilated eye exam by a retina specialist.

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