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Accommodative Spasm only?

I have been diagnosed with accommodative spasm on my left eye for 10 months. My eye is tired and strain (painful) after focus looking at something or reading for a period of time, especially when I use computer. In addition to the muscle strain,  I also have photophobia and my eye is also very allergic and easy to get dry. I got this problem when my cornea was hurt and it persist even after the cornea was heal (my ESR and RA factor was high as the same time).  Cycloplegic refraction is different from the normal refraction. I can see 20/20 and no blurry vision.  I have seen many ophthalmologists but don’t help much.  Tried atropine but didn’t help. I have been wearing a less corrective glasses for 6 months but still doesn’t help. Recently, I am also trying a reading glasses for near work but still doesn’t help.  My job need me to use computer all day so it bothers me a lot. My doctor recommends me to seek help in US top eye institute  as he suspects accommodative spasm is not the only problem.  

I would be highly appreciated if you could you advise:

If accommodative spasm associate with allergy, dryness and photophobia as well?

Do you think I have other underlying problems apart from accommodative spasm?

I am looking to see the ophthalmologist (Dr Goldberg)  in Jules Stein Eye Institute, do you think it is the right route?

Thanks a lot!I


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Dear mishwu

The accommodative spasm is not related to allergy.ur eye becomes dry due to the reduced blinking rate.this is due to the spasm which increases the eye strain and terefore automatically makes u blink less to see better.blinking causes a spontaneous break in the fusion of the two images of the eyes causing increased spasm.


The accommodative spasm is a spasm of the ciliary muscle which causes lens to increase curvature.when u have a accommodative spasm the pupil reacts less slowly to light.and the ciliary body is very irritable.it is a common symptom

Many a times patients with these problems show an allergy in one form or another.for example some patients develop a milk allergy.this is just a observation of mine through experience.

If u are having other problems like
1.imbalance while walking
2.cramps in any muscle of the body.
4.vague symptoms
5.excessive eye strain

Then u must go to a strabologist.u may have a exophoria which is causing the accommodative spasm

I am a patient of accommodative spasm my self and also a 2nd year student of medicine.

Also please get your family members .siblings checked for any hypermetropia.
It is usually seen in relatives of patients So better to check them before any thing happens

Warm regards

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Also use the search feature and archives to read about accommodative spasm.
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