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After PPV few questions

Few after PPV questions....(quick background info on me: had PPV 8 weeks ago, with some laser done, had lots of blood in the eye but now clearing good, slow improvements in my vision- can see medium to large shapes/objects, colors now but still cant see far and still blurry from remaining blood), had 40% RD tear--but my macula is intact accdg to my surgeon...

1) is medical glue used in PPV or any RD surgeries?  if so...is this better?.  if not..then he probably meant the gas bubble was to push the retina back towards the eye...like glueing it back towards the back of the eye right?  no actual glue is used right?

2) what are the chances that a re-detachment can occur?  Im scared of this...i still dont lift anything more than 5 lbs and dont bend over abruptly (i pick things up by sitting down slowly now....will prob do this forever now & im ok with it)

3) i feel some pulling from behind my eye sometimes, esp if i abruptly turn my eye and a pinching feeling in the inside corner of my eye...are these normal?  what could these feelings be?

4) will the eye ever feel normal again?  i mean...it does feel normal sometimes esp a few minutes after waking up....prob bec it has rested for a while already.  but later on in the day....not so much

5) does one really get tired quickly now that one has had PPV?  or will i not get tired as easily as time goes?

6) should i really rest my eyes a lot still at this point (8 weeks)?

7) can you recomment a really good support group for me....one that is not too scarry to join...one that will help with positivity and help for members on prevention, new cures (information), preferrably one that has a local group where members occassionally meet in person?

Thanks so much in advance for your answers.  I appreciate it.  
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You should ask these questions to your surgeon.  Each retinal detachment is different.  For a simple procedure the eye will feel the same as before surgery.   It may never feel the same aferr a a major surgery with a buckle, 360 degree laser and gas.

The eye is mostly healed by 8 weeks.  However,  retinal function can continue to improve over a year or more.

No support group that I know of.

Dr. O.
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