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After cataract surgery, my eye is seeing objects 40% smaller

After my left eye cataract was removed recently, I noticed that my vision in that eye was now seeing objects 40% smaller than my right eye. Prior to the cataract surgery, both eyes were seeing images the same size. More specifically, images seen with both eyes were the same size - large.  Is it because the replacement lens was positioned incorrectly or is the replacement len itself not the correct one?
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That would be normal if you are myopic or nearsighted or highly farsighted.  It should be better after you get glasses or your other eye is operated on. Your eyes are no longer a team. Tell you surgeon your observation.
Thank you Dr.Hagan for your answer, I am so appreciated. Prior to surgery, I was myopic with my left eye. (I am also myopic in my right eye which also has a cataract.) However, I am hesitant to have the cataract removed on my right eye because I am fearful that I will see 40% smaller with that eye too. Is that what the end result will be? Or, is there perhaps an IOL that can be placed in my right eye where the ability to see images sized as I do now is preserved while correcting my myopic condition?

Here are the details of my left eye IOL: Alcon - ACR-SOF-IQ TORIC; Astigmatism IOL; Model: SN6AT4; Power: 10.5 D  2.25 CYL; Length (0T) (0(Zero)T): 13.0 MM; Optic: (0B) (0(Zero)B) 6.0mm.
Would you send your pre-operative glasses RX to me.  What I do in a situation like this is not do the second eye till the patient is happy with the first eye.  So you might put off the second eye and wait 6-8 weeks for the eye to heal. Then have a glasses test done on the operated eye. It should correct to 20/20 and be clearer than the unoperated eye with its myopic prescription.  Also colors should be clearer (especially white)  and your distance vision without glasses should be much better in the operated eye.  At that point you would feel much better about having the second eye done. The IOL power is low indicating your are quite myopic. So with IOL in one eye and high myopia in the other eye the image sizes would not be equal.
Hi Dr. Hagan - So many thanks again for your reply(ies!) I wear rigid gas permeable (hard contacts) and not glasses. But now I just wear the right hard contact after having the IOL implanted in my left eye. (Other pertinent information: I had my left eye operated on in 2018. I noticed the problem immediately but my surgeon said it was normal.) I have two questions: 1) Is there anything that can be done with my left eye to recover normal sizing as it was before having the cataract removed and IOL implanted without doing anything with my right eye? Ex: Can the left IOL perhaps be repositioned or correctly recalculated and replaced? (I am assuming that the left IOL was not positioned or calculated correctly.) Or can a left contact lens be worn to somehow restore sizing as it was before, or some other solution applicable to my left eye only?   2) If I can recover normal sizing in my left eye, or if that is no longer possible, regardless, is it possible to preserve the current image sizing in my right eye when I elect to have the cataract removed and the implanted IOL?  My objective is to identify if there is any possibility of recovering normal sizing in my left eye, and if that's not possible, at least preserve it in my right eye. To have my right cataract removed where both eyes will then see the same but introduce binocular vision in both eyes - which is the case with my left eye now - would be disastrous. This would mean that I would see images on a 75 inch TV as it though it was a 40 inch TV. And it will also eliminate my ability to read car license plates from a distance equal to what I was capable of before surgery on my left eye. The potential visual negative effects are very disconcerting. Thank you Dr. Hagan.
You questions are good but given the information I cannot give you reliable advice.  However your surgeon who has access to your glasses and contact lens RX should be able to answer that.  Rarely is it worth removing and replacing an IOL in an eye that sees well.
Thanks Dr. Hagan.  Much appreciated
Best of luck
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