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After effect post retinal detachment surgery

Hello everybody,

I had surgery for retinal detachment 3 weeks ago and I would like to ask any expert on retina if s/he could explain me what is happening to me now.

First of all a little of history about my eyes. I'm one of those with very delicate retinas. I lost my sight in one eye after complete retinal detachment more than 20 years ago. The surgery didn't help.

Around 10 years ago, I had vitrectomy on the other eye while the lens was removed without replacing it with another one (I'm aphaquik). Also lasers were shot on the periphery of the retina.

During these 10 years I had regular visits to the ophtalmologist and once or twice I received more lasers.

Around four weeks ago I started seeing more floaters than usual and I went to see a doctor urgently. She made some more lasers, but the situation worsened and curtains appeared. At the beginning just at 6 o'clock (as I see it) and later around 9. This one was bigger. In the meanwhile I visited another doctor and he confirmed the retina was detached. I had surgery in 48hours. The procedure was another vitrectomy, plus cryogenic procedure, lasers and injection of SF6 gas. I think after the vitrectomy some sort of heavy liquid was injected to put the retina on place.

The gas disappeared in 15 days and the ophthalmologist who performed the surgery says that the retina is going well as it sticks (so far) to the choroid. I'm having check-ups once every week.

The problem or after-effect is that now I have a region of lost vision spanning roughly from 6.30 till 9 that does not affect central vision. It appears as a very blurry region in a dark colour but it's not black. In addition that region causes me to see lights, specially when going to bed. Also this region is bigger than the zone I remembered was detached.

My doctor didn't explain very well what's that happening and if it can be solved.

I understand that probably is not solvable but I would appreciate any information that you could give me so that I could understand this situation better and to know what to expect as I'm very nervous and anxious with this situation and any time I see the lights I start panicking that a new detachment may be happening.

Thank you very much in advance.
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If you had silicone oil put in your eye you may be seeing the oil. Usually it is removed at a later date.  In point of fact only your surgeon can give you specific answers. Make a list of yor questions and make an appointment just to discuss your concerns. Insist he/she answer your questisons in a clear and definite way so you understand the cause of your problem.

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Thank you, I already asked and he said that it's an after effect of the surgery and that I should stop seeing them with the time. But I'd like to know what could be the medical cause and if there could be any solution.
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Only your surgeon can answer those questions.

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