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Air in the Eye?

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, I noticed my 20-month-old's left eye was a bit "sleepy" (looked smaller than right eye) and there was slight redness around the eye on both upper and lower lids. Later, it began watering- not a whole lot but it did tear up and spill over a bit. I also noticed her rubbing it with the back of her little fist so I suspect it may itch. This morning she's still showing the symptoms except for the watering/watery eye. I spoke to my mother about it and we both feel that it may have been caused by having left the ceiling fan on at night plus the chilly night air coming in from an open door. She has a tendency to uncover herself at night. My mother suggested I apply a light layer of baby oil to the red area around her eye. She said it will take a day or two, but it will go away. She also warned that the oil might possibly cause little bumps, but said not to worry. (My mother raised 6 kids in poverty- so doctors were not used often.) I have insurance and have no problem taking her, but I don't want to be an alarmist. I feel I should observe her for a day or two- and if it worsens or doesn't get better over the weekend I can take her to urgent care or to her Dr. on Monday. Your opinion and advice is very much appreciated.
Thank you.
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Stay away from baby oil around the eye since it will burn quite a bit if it gets in the eye and is really not going to help anything in this area anyway.  I would take the child to her pediatrician and then if needed to a pediatric ophthalmologist.  She could have conjuctivitis or even something like a skin or sinus infection so check her closely for fever and other signs of being sick.  Again, I woudn't try treating this one yourself since we don't know what she has.  Her pediatrician will be a great help in directing you in the right direction so call right away.

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