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Anxiety - Social

I also have been dealing with anxiety really bad. I've had it for over 19 years and have tried everything. My greatest fight with it is being in the company of people and them seeing the anxiety on my face. I didn't realize that my eyes were dilating until reading this article in here about dilated eyes. The problem is that when I get this look on my face (anxiety). It's makes me feel so bad and I want to withdraw from people. I've currently on lexapro and I exercise. I also use the whirlpools and have even used herbals but nothing seems to help. I'm getting so frustrated because the simple task of being around people is the hardest task for me to do. I'm also very irratable at times and depressed. All of this comes from just not being able to talk to people without this feeling that they can see the stress on my face. It's so embarrasing. If I can just get this face-thing under control, I can deal with everything else the anxiety brings. Any suggestions ?????

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Don't worry about people seeing your eyes dilated.  Traditionally, dilated eyes were associated with good looks or beauty and in 1800's ladies would put  dilating drops in their eyes to look more beautiful.  Helps if you are a woman, particularly, I guess.  I guess I've looked at hundreds of thousands of people in my time and never had any concern or notice about what  the other person's pupils looked like.  As far as people seeing you being anxious all the time - people see me that way frequently but I try not to show it.  It's not always easy.  Meditation or yoga, deep breathing, lexapro,  could possibly help you to get into that zone - where you don't outwardly show the stress as much and maybe that could transfer to some degree inwardly to reduce  your stress a little.  In your case, you feel that you looked stressed and that tends to make you feel more stressed.  And that's from an ophthalmologist - so take it for what it worth.  I wish you well.

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Hi Jehu,

I know this would be really hard for someone with social anxiety to do..but maybe that's why you should do it. I think you would benefit a lot from an introductory acting class. In an introductory acting class there is normally a lot of emphasis on learning to relax and not being afraid of looking silly. I think it would help you build a lot of confidence. Normally people are too self-conscious about themselves to notice what others look like.

I'm sure there are also lots of therapy techniques to help you as well, so maybe you should try to see a therapist. I've also heard that anti-anxiety drugs can do wonders.
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