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Any Cure??

Hello, i am only 12 years of age and i am in year 8 this year. Ever since the middle of year 6 my eye sight has gotten really bad and i have perscription glasses. I am short sited. A few people in my grade 6 class had this problem and it was ever since my class had bought a new projector to use. I was wondering if there is any cure besides glasses/ contacts/ surgery that could fix my eyes permanently?
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Dr. O.
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Myopia is a eye sight ailment in which distant objects are seen blurred while close objects

are seen clearly.

Anyone either  child or adult can now remove minus number of  spectacles scinetifically

with the  help of homeopathic medicines having no side effects..No need to wear glasses          

or contacts lens or even lasic  surgery done..Many people have benefitted with these

medicines..These medicines have been  made after deep research awhich strengthen

various nerves like OPTIC NERVE associated with eye and help to remove myopia ..Send mail at

***@****  for further qyery
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