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Any Suggestion to what I should do?

I have lost my eyesight over 4 times in the last 5 years. I would have to stay in the hospital between 3-6 days to get steroids treatment to get my eyesight back. The steroids cause me migraines even though I already have them from the eye pains. I wake up with my head hurting until I go to bed. I take so many drugs just to make it through day so I want be in pain. The sad thing these pain drugs cause different problems. I have grown to the point of dealing with the pain as much as I can before I take meds. Even though I have done this before and damage more of my left eye (for not taking my meds when suppose, too many medication makes me sick in other areas); so I would refusing to do steroid treatments as well. I have gained 76 pounds since I lost my eyesight the first time. TMI (I have went from a 36c bra to a 38DDD bra). Dealing with this pain and doctors haven't found anything has been depression for me I am only 27 years old. They say it might be MS but in the 3 spinal taps they have done they, did not find anything. I have had so many MRI, CT scan and Visual Exams; it is crazy. This year is my first time wearing eye glasses, because my vision has been that blurry. I am scared of driving because I randomly lose my eye sight. The new symptom that I have this year is weakness and body aches throughout my body. One day I hope that they get this under controlled. I am missing life right now. I can't even have a child on my own my husband scared whatever I may have might be hereditary. I have decided to type this because I have lost thoughts to the point I never remember it anymore. So I want to type my feelings about my conditions anytime I can when I am not hurting. That is another thing that has started this year is memory loss. I really can’t stand that and being not able to get that thought about. I know there is a saying, “If you can’t remember it, then it wasn’t that important”, I told beg the differ on that one. Sometimes I just can’t remember that is why I write most of the things I need to do or remember to do. Oh as usual when I just give up at let my body has it painful ways and except that I really can’t do anything but stay in the dark or only come out on cloudy raining days sometimes. I would think I am in the clear because I am not in much pain. So I will started school try to do something in my life. As soon I get into, then my body starts acting right back up causing me to drop out of school, or getting kick out because I miss too many days. Well this year I went to a school only take my nine months to finish. Kaplan College is the only school that works with me. When my body had shut down I had missed quite a few days out of school. They were patient and flexible with me. I have completed all my course work and now working on my externship 200 hours and it will get me my MBC (Medical Billing and Coding) Diploma. Of course I only complete 13 hours and 26 minutes and have to take a break because the pain is back. Also this new pain was my body is aching and the weakness is new and I haven’t felt a way to deal with it. The insomnia like what I am having now which explains why I am typing this at 1:25am, bothersome too. I think this info is enough for tonight I am going to lay down.
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   Recently i have tested my eyes in an reputed eye hospital. They have said my right eye was -2.25 and my left eye was -1.25 cylindrical power. And they have suggested to wear optical always. So pl suggest me what food and medicine i have to take to nuterlies
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