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Are are the general causes to Optic Nerve scarring?


So Recent light came in regarding my eyes and my condition. My omthomologist suspects Glaucoma as I get really high pressure spikes periodically ranging from 30 and high as 52. My MRI is supposed to be clean other then a odd pathed Coridid artery. However What hes concerned about is, My optic nerves are Scaring as well which he said is not a usual side effect from Glaucoma. I was wondering if there was any insight as to the damage on my nerves. Hes pretty sure its glaucoma but my age group is young for the disease.
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I also have odd shaped pockets in my Retinas, However I have to wait to see a Glaucoma specialist Outside of my province, Im just trying to get a little bit of insight as I have had So many dignostic testing done. MRI x2 CT with dye. probably 50 visual field tests since July. The closest Link to this would be glaucoma as my doc says but he cannot prove it other then one spike that brought my left eye pressure up to 50.
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First note spelling: Ophthalmologist or Eye MD whichever is easier.  I would ask for a referral to an eye MD that specializes in glaucoma.  30/52 are out of sight intraocular pressures (IOPs).  With that high you need special test called gonioscopy to make sure you don't have one of the types of angle closure glaucoma: acute, recurrent, subacute/chronic. This is especially true of you are Asian or Eskimo.  If you have 'open angles" then you need treatment and determination why so high. (example pseudoexfoliatin, inflammatory.   NEXT STEP HAVE YOUR LOCAL OPHTHALMOLOGIST REFER YOU TO A GLACOMA EYE MD SOON YOUR CONDITION IS VERY WORRISOME.
Im actually Caucasian, early 30s, I have a referral to a Glacoma Specialist In Halifax NS, Which im still waiting on the call. Until then, Im on 2 sets of eye drops 2 applications AM, One in PM, The scaring is the thing that has me worried, As my local Opthalmologist stated that he can't answer the scaring on the optic nerves and hes unsure if the Specialist in Halifax can even answer it. However one problem (NOT dry eyes) as I hydrate them frequently. I keep getting Random Yellowish black spots as vision flashes, Which tend to happen intermittently. Which can last 20 minutes intermittently. I was cleared of Optic Nephropathy as he thought there was a chance I was exposed to high concentration of metals, But it really didnt fit as I dont work with machinary or exposed to high industrial metals.
Thank you for you're response John.
What are the drops? What is the IOP on the drops?  Tell the glaucoma specialist and your eye MD about the spots.  Spots that last 20 minutes are most commonly due to migraines which as your age may or may not have headache associated with them.   Optic nerve 'scarring' is not a term ophthalmologists use often.  The main terms would be "cupping" due to glaucoma and "atrophy" which is wasting of the optic nerve (instead of looking normal it looks whitish like chalk.   So you would need to ask your local eye MD if cupping/atrophy is the problem. "Scarring" seems inappropriate.
Im on a medication called Adzop Paired with Duotrav, The adzop once in am once pm, The duotrav is a drop I apply once daily in the am. He currently cut back the frequency of appointments Until I see the Glaucoma specialist in Halifax. Ive asked my question several times about the random vision flashes in my lower left eye, It doesn't stay on for 20 minutes, Its a intermittent flashes that usually lasts 20 minutes of random flashing. Yes he stated I have weird pockets building up in my retina. My IOP range at about 15-16 on medication, Which I am Thankful for because he said if he can't keep my IOP sitting at a consistent range then he may have to operate. The Term Scarring was actually used in a very quick check up visit on my last appointment which puts me back at ground 0, As its been over 6 months and no official diagnoses yet. He did say I have Glaucoma when I spiked in pressures that forced me into the ER. Then my last appointment he said he cannot prove the Glaucoma dignoses. However there is another problem I have with my Genetics and they are not sure if its related.  Im actually missing half a chromosome, Which when I was born, There was Next to no information as per the quality of life or potential health risks into adulthood  
You have glaucoma. Anyone with IOP of 50 and open angles has glaucoma. You are on AZOPT   and the other drop has two medications in it (travoprost and timolol)  If you can keep your IOP in mid teens with those medications likely you will not need surgery but you must be consistent in your drops: don't run out, don't forget, don't miss appointments.  It will be interesting to see what the glaucoma specialist says. When you have your consultation please come back and post.
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