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Are there alternatives to using steriods for cataract surgery?

I need cataract surgery but am highly allergic to steriods. I go into Anaphylactic shock. Are there any alternatives?
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That is extraordinarily rare as steroids are used to treat shock. If it is the case yes you can be treated with Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.  NSAIDS.
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That is the case and happened in a doctors office, thankfully.  I need to find a doctor that will treat with NSAIDS instead of steroids.
NSAIDS are part of the normal anti-inflammatory drops used after cataract surgery. So we almost all use NSAIDS plus topical steroids.  You would need to get by on just NSAIDS.
Were the steroids you were allergic to oral? (pills), Injection" or drops.   I have had patients that say they are allergic to steroid pills and shots that have done nicely on steroid eye drops.
I know I am allergic to pills and shots. I was told to stay away from all steroids.  I'm nervous about trying drops after that.  Seeing will not do any good if I'm dead.  So, I'm calling all doctors in Atlanta, and so far, the ones that have responded use steroids and will not do surgery without them.  So, now I'm looking for a doctor anywhere.
It would be far better and much less expensive to see an allergist, take in your medical records and in the allergist's office, set up to deal with an anapylactoid reaction be tested with steroid drop topical to the eyes such as prednisolone acetate 1% or Durazol. My feeling is you would NOT have a reaction but if you did you would be in the safest of all possible situations.   I think even if you were not looking at eye surgery this would be something  you should do as if you ever needed steroids its important to know if you are allergic to some, all or none and the problem is with other things in the pills/shots such as preservatives.
Unfortunately, we know I am allergic to Prednisone. I have seen an allergist. That was the first one tested, and I went into anaphylactic shock. As I went into shock, I lost consciousness and woke two days later.  I was told to stay away from all steroids.  
I may have found a doctor though, that may be able to use Prolensa or another non-steroid. I am waiting to hear back. Thank you for responding.
Okay, best of luck
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