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Are there any alternatives to surgery for consecutive exotropia?

At 8 years old I was operated convergent strabismus. The result was perfect.
At 18 years old I played the same squint, the solution was to increase the diopter on my glasses to focus my eyes (I have Hyperopia)
Over time my eyes began to drift outward (divergent strabismus), the solution was to significantly reduce diopters of my glasses, the solution was effective for a few years, my eyes focused and adapted well with so few diopters.

Currently, and for many years my eyes are unable to be straight, I have 38 years and I can not force my vision for my eyes to focus and continuously have an eye or the other deflected out, it shows me a lot.

If I'm not mistaken all this is called a consecutive exotropia.

My eye doctor says it would have to operate, but it scares the possible bad result

Are there any alternatives to surgery for consecutive exotropia? Some kind of therapy? ¿Glasses or exercises that can help me improve this aesthetically strabismus?

Thank you.
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This is a common story. They way your eyes were "controlled" after the surgery by changing glasses RX no longer work because your eye due to age can no longer focus like when you were young.  The short answer is no exercises do not help.  You may read about botox injections into the eye muscles but it is not "highly successful"  You likely will either need to "live with it" or have more surgery with significant risks of under correction and drifting out again or over correction and having troublesome double vision. Best visit a couple of good strabismus (pediatric) Eye MD ophthalmologists. (they do adults also).
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thank you very much for your reply. I have visited to a new strabismus specialist. His opinion is that I should have surgery. I have to go back in November to see if the deviation is higher, probably i will be operated in 2017
Best of luck. Do some reading be sure you understand the risks and possible benefits. The primary risks are over-correction and double vision or good correction and over 5-10 years drift out again. JCH MD
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