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Asymmetrical eyebrows

I am 22 years old and it was only 2 years ago when I noticed I had asymmetry eyebrows. My right eyebrow is a little higher than the left. It gets worse when I wear contact lenses.

I suspect the reason for it was an incident during a ball game when I was young, like 11 or 12. I was elbowed in the right eye and it became very swollen. However, I didn't see a doctor but had an ice pack placed over my eye. And life went on..

It is so obvious in photos. It is only when I realized I had asymmetry eyebrows then I thought about why sometimes people looked at me in a different way or looked away. It is affecting me psychologically, socially and mentally. I dislike going out, parties and social events and even with friends. I find it hard to look at people and tend to look away which I know is rude. I don't even look at my family members in the eyes when talking, other than a quick look and away. I even have to force myself just to look for a job.

Apologizes for letting out..

I am contemplating about plastic surgery but I am not sure about the what and how. Will anyone provide some valuable advice? What type of doctor should I seek?
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You should make an appointment with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is comfortable with brow surgery.  Some are very skilled at fixing this sort of problem with no visible scar using endoscopic surgery and hiding the incisions under your hairline above your forhead.  It seems to me that you ought to be find some help and an excellent cosmetic result - but of course you need to have a consultation with a qualified eyelid and facial plastic surgeon.

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