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Ativan and Narrow Angle Glaucoma

I know that Ativan can make narrow angle glaucoma worse, but can it cause it?
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It might have a tendency toward relazxing the ciliary muscles and causing some degree of pupillary dilation, so officially, it could increase the risk of causing an attack of narrow angle glaucoma if you were predisposed to that.  Now if your angles are totally open and you do not have glaucoma or a strong tendancy toward narrow angles then the risk would be much less.  Only your own ophthalmologist can tell you if you would be safe to take this drug. Again, if you are totally normal with wide open angles and no glaucoma tendency, then you would not ordinarily expect this drug to just cause those type of problems out of the blue, but again, no one can be absolutely sure about all medication side effects.  Since I don't know your case history, you should discuss the situation with your ophthalmologist.

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