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Hello All!
I came here in hopes that some of these questions will be answered.

1.) Will spending a prolonged period of time in the dark damage your eyes?

2.) What is the best type of light for your eyes?  I heard that sunlight can be bad in one sense..  Would living in only red-light be bad for your eyes?

3.)  Can I improve my eye sight by doing eye exercises daily?  You know- like looking different directions underwater?

4.)  Right now,  I need glasses only to see things very far away..  I never ware them.  Will this inevitably make my eyes worse?

Oh, 17 year old male if that makes a difference.
Please answer what you know or any information you can provide.  Thanks eye experts! ^_^
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1) Probably depends on what you mean by a long time, but how do your eyes FEEL when you exit a movie theater? Where are you planing on going, where there is no light?
2) full-spectrum lighting
3) no
4) Do you drive?

I am not a doctor. The doctor should get with you.
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1.  For an adult NO
2.  All types of commercial and residential lights are okay, some people have weird idiosyncracies and find one type not comfortable (not damaging).  Why would you like your life in a red light.  
3. eye exercises are a waste, exercise your heart and body muscles.
4. No but if you drive around my house wear your glasses.

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Haha! Thank you soo much!
I'm glad to know that my questions were answered by someone in this field.
The reason for the red light is because I will be spending a lot of time in a bowling ally that only has only red lights.  Thanks again.
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