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Baby with Eye Rolling

I have noticed in the last two weeks that my 7 month old son has started rolling his eyes to the side and the back of his head. It looks like an involentary movement and happens about 6 times a day that I see, sometimes in blocks. It lasts only seconds. He also has 'vacant' spells that last about 10 seconds or so, but this may be when he is tired. This can happen a couple of times in a row when he is sitting in his highchair waiting to be fed. He just satres into no where.
Do you have any idea what this might be, as he is perfect in every other developmental stage.
Thank you, Heidi
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When a baby's vision development and eye movements have been fine up through 6 months of age and then suddenly change for the worse, it is not normal and not just a "phase".  The blank-outs are also worrisome.  I would bring both problems to the attention of your pediatrician immediately.
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