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Bausch & Lomb Soft silicone iol for dysphotopsia

Hello! I have a very troublesome dysphotopsia related to my acrylic iol. Some doctor suggested me to exchange the lens with the SofPort iol, which has squared edge but they told me it's not a problem because the lens has low refractive index and anti-glare technology, but I'm still very disorientated. Any suggestion?
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First you would want to make sure you have had the IOL in your eye because in most cases dysphotopsia is transient and goes way. My wife has acrylic IOLs in both eyes and is very happy, for about 3 weeks she was annoyed with light reflexes then they stopped.  If you have had the IOL in more than 6 months realize that there is no uniformly successful treatment for dysphotopsia and that IOL exchanges even for silicone IOLs does not always solve the problem and people with silicone IOLs have positive and negative dysphotopsia also just not as often as acrylic. Get 2 or 3 opinions before you do an IOL exchange.
It's been 8 months already, so no hope it will improve. Do you think it's related to squared edge or the refractive index?
There is a lot of research on both positive and negative dysphotopsia but no clear and widely accepted theory of why it occurs and how to treat it. See these links:



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Augean. Just wondering if you did the exchange for the sofport.  My doctor recommended that IOL also for the same problem.  
If not respond you might leave a note on her home page.
Where do I find her homepage?
Click on the blue name at the beginning of the post. It will take you to the home page. On upper left of page there is a panel to leave a note.
good luck
Thank you.  I have to make a hard decision.
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My symfony lenses have been in since December 14, 2017, and I'm still experiencing glare and halos.  Will this ever change?
Answered in your other post
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