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Best iol for patient with one eye

I am in my 60s.  I lost one eye to retina problems several years ago and now need to have cataract surgery in my one good eye. I am leaning toward a traditional lens but am not sure whether to choose a focal point for reading or for work at 2-1/2 to 3 feet (I have ruled out a focal point further away that would give me good distance vision and I am comfortable for needing glasses for driving.)   Right now I am able to read without glasses because I am nearsighted.  I am an avid reader both for professional reasons and personal enjoyment.  I also do a lot of computer work.  On the other hand I also want to be able to see to play the piano (with most music stands at about 2-1/2 to 3 feet away).  However, playing the piano is only a hobby.  Because I'm not sure how much focal lee-way I will have with either choice, I'm having a difficult time deciding which choice will maximize my options.  I realize that my choice is a personal one, but would like to know what type of iol correction other patients in my position (one functional eye) seem to be most satisfied with.  Are there any guidelines?
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First, I think you are smart to consider a traditional (monofocal) lens implant.  With only one good eye, I think you would be one of those "I can't see at any distance" patients if you had a polyfocal implant.

If your pupils are small under bright light such as reading or playing the piano, this gives you "depth of focus".  What this means is that your focus point could be set for "piano" or even farther out, but you would be able to read comfortably.  If you set your implant for "distance" then you probably will need glasses to read.

If your pupils are smaller than 3 mm when you read, you might consider having your implant set just a little nearsighted, like -1 or -1.5 diopter (don't worry about what diopter means, your doctor knows).  This would give you nice intermediate "in the house" vision even under lower light.

This is a complex decision.  The best way to feel confident in your choice is to try different situations out with contact lenses.
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