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Black Eye FLoaters

I am 26 weeks pregnant and 28 years old. When I was 20 weeks pregnant I started seeing two black floating spots in my eye. I went to the opthamologist and he said that it was eye floaters. I am just wondering if the floaters could be caused from pregnancy since I got them while pregnant, and if there is a chance they may go away after my pregnancy? I am also wondering what is the difference between the black floaters and the clear ones. I have had clear ones for a very long time but never black ones. I can see them in any kind of light...night or day. I have had a health pregnancy with good BP so I am confused on why I would get these at such a young age and why they are black.
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To me, black floaters are just floaters that are more noticeable.  More clear floaters are smaller and more nebulous and not as thick an obvious.  Basically with floaters, what you see is the small shadows they  make on your retina.  The thicker and bigger the floater, the darker the shadow.  Yes, it is possible that the pregnancy has caused some changes in your vitreous and they might improve after pregnancy but it is also possible that they will persist and have nothing to do with the pregnancy.  Sorry to make it so simple but I don't think there is any way to know for sure.  You will probably know in a few months.  Make sure to keep regular follow up with your ophthalmolgist.

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