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Black Shiny Silver Spot

I was just wondering I have been seeing spots and floater and I know its from migraines/possible siezures activity. But lately in the middle of the night or when I wake up suddenly in the morning I get  or see these bright big and small black spots with flashes to them. This is totally a new thing and it is scaring me. What are some causes for this? I have been to an opthomologist and he said my eyes were fine, I check my bp regulary and for the most part it is fine. When this done happen I feel really weird. Any information would be most helpful.
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If it is something thal always happens every  morning, it could be some normal physiologic response that your body is experiencing.  If the complete eye exam looks totally normal, then that should be a big relief and you should be able to look at it more from a vascular viewpoint.  In other words are there times when you have decreased blood perfusion to the visual cortex of the brain or possible even decreases perfusion to the eyes themselves.  A very complete workup for cardiovascular and metabolic causes might be helpful. Other than that, you should keep a detailed journal and report it to your doctors.

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