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Black spider web floaters

I have constant black spider web floaters on top of a CRVO. My retina specialist says that they are not related and that the floaters are caused by the vitreous gel detaching from the retina (there is no tear in the retina apparently). I have had these constantly for three months and they are driving me to distraction. Do they every go away? Is there any thing that can be done for these? I've heard of an operation to remove the vitreous gel, but I wonder about the risk. Any suggestions for these floaters will be so appreciated!
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Please understand that if you have a CRVO, then the floaters are the least of your concerns and vitrectomy for floaters is very rarely done and only in select cases.  The seriousness of CRVO is about 9/10 scale while floaters are more like a 2/10.  At this stage, I know the floaters are annoying but sometimes the CRVO can get so bad that you can lose all  your vision - so in one aspect at least it is good that you are able to SEE the floaters.  I'm sorry for your problem but there is nothing specific that can be done and hopefully they will settle down with time and adaptation - they usually do.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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