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Blepharitis problems

had it about 2 years now, use eyelid cleanser and eyedrops twice daily, 2 omega3 pills daily, hot towel on eyes for ~5mins once or twice daily.. my eye shape is crazy different my eyes are crazy bloodshot, i cant stay up more then 8 hours 10 tops or my eyes get scary bad... a few weird questions

do i have to lay in bed all day every day for years til i hope this passes? or can i keep watching tv in IMMENSE pain? does the pain mean stop? but my eyes hurt anyway just not as much maybe. can i mess up my vision or eyes by being in this much pain watching tv? and them being this bloodshot?
any products to try or things to do to make it better?
i mainly wanna know if im killing my eyes watching tv all day in pain with this medical condition but any help fixing it is greatly appreciated
Im also really worried about corneal ulcers now because looking at some pics on google search, my eyes arent far off most of these and they hurt constantly. also wondering if being in a reasonable amount of pain for the past 2 years is damaging to my system somehow?
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You are doing all the correct treatments, but what is the cause of your blepharitis or what type of blepharitis do you have? There are types of blepharitis which are caused by mites. TV and computer use will irritate the eyes and you may need to adjust your schedule. Avoid any preserved eye drops as well, if possible.
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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