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I've tried all the "remedies" for controlling Blepharitis, but so far nothing has worked.  My left eye lid is the worse.  Have there been any new drops or pills I might try.  I tried Azaasite, but it made my eyes red and very dry.  Thanks.
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Some cases are very difficult to treat.  You may start with lid hygiene then progress to antibiotics and steroids. Many cases can only be treated to reduce but not eliminate symptoms.

Dr. O.
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Thank you.
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Thank you.  bbuzz
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Hi, I was able to kill Blepharitis and so was a friend. We used 2 different products but both had Benzethonium Chloride in it. I used WET ONES, an antibacterial hand wipes, in the red box. I tore each one into 8 pieces and used them twice on each eyelash area. I did 4 times a day for a week or little more. Then I did 3 times a day for a month. After that it was 2 times a day for a couple of months.. My eye itched only once or twice and I used the wipes again and now it is no more.

Three doctors tried to find it in my eyes including the Dr. who diagnosed the Blepharitis. He said it would come back. I told him it had been 4-5 months. Now it is almost a year.

Learned to blog to get this info out to let people know they can kill it and it is a bacterial infection in the roots of the eyelashes and that is why it takes so long to get rid of it.
Necessity is the mother of invention they say and so it can be the mother of the cure too.
I contacted mayo and an eye research place but I guess it isn't much of a disease to worry about. Of course, that is , unless you or I have the horrible itch.
Hope this info helps. I no longer have it.

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Thanks for the info on your experience with Blepharitis.  I haven't been back on MedHelp for quite a while so I'm just reading your note.  I certainly will try your cure.  I have been to a Cornea specialist (seeing 2 different doctors) and so far, I see absolutely no improvement.  One of the salves caused itching so bad that I discontinued it.  I hope the WET ONES are not a prescription item.  
Hopefully, I will get the same results that you have.  bbuzz
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