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Blind eye with pain

I was involved in a major chemical accident and was put into a coma for two days. Upon awakening from the coma I had no vision in my left eye. I have been to the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute four times and have been told I have NAION due to lack of blood to the optic nerve. At some point between the accident and being air lifted to the trauma center in Miami I went into respiratory failure causing the lack of blood and oxygen to the optic nerve. At first my vision was 20/200 then went to 20/250 and now only Hand Motion. The problem is I have had pain and light sensitivity from the beginning. I now wear an eye patch due to the pain from the light but still have considerable pain all the time even while sleeping. I am returning to the Neuro Ophthalmologist March 17 2016. they do not know why I am having pain and at this point not doing anything about it. Reading about blind eye with pain , removal is an option sometimes. At this point I would be fine with that as I cannot see with my left eye and the pain is making  my quality of life miserable not to mention the patch is also a pain in the butt. Should I mention this to the Dr at my March appointment or am I jumping the gun and over reacting . The pain is bad enough that I might call and get an sooner appointment. They told me that if things worsen to go to the ER at the eye institute .
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You are at one of the finest eye centers in the world at Bascom Palmer. I would move the appointment up. NAION is generally not painful. Removing the eye would be the very last step. recall there is a bionic eye in use now (Argus 2) and someday it might be possible to restore some vision into that eye but not if its removed. Other things that might be tried include local anesthesia blocks, acupuncture, medical for neuralgia like neurontin. Remember to protect the remaining eye from injury and disease and live a healthy lifestyle. You should wear glasses even if no RX is needed in them to protect the eye. There is an out of print book called A Singular View.  Copies are available from eBay. Get it and read it, its by an airline pilot that lost and eye and talks about adjustment to same.  Good luck
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