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Blind spot in eye

I have I guess a blind spot in my left eye.  It's a black spot, that I can just barely notice when I close my right eye.   While somewhat awkward, I am able to read through that eye, but anything under that area gets a little tough to read.  But I can focus my vision on this spot, and the whole right side of my vision is black, and it'll stay like that until I shift my focus to anything else, then it goes back to being barely noticable.

Is this anything normal, or something I need to worry about?
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Yes, this is actually very concerning. The right side of your left eye's vision is gone! There's only one thing to do: go seek medical care by a medical doctor of ophthalmology. When did this start and is it associated with any other problems such as severe headache, slurred speech, numbness/tingling on one side of your body, altered mental state or other neurologic problems. If this is the only thing you have noticed, then you still need to be evaluated soon. Is the right eye's right vision impaired as well? Look at a light or white background and cover your left eye. With your right eye, stair straight ahead pretending that you are looking only at a single point. Take notice of the peripheral vision. If you are missing vision, the white background will seem grey or dark.
Go seek care!
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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