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Blister/corneal scratch on left eye

Four years ago I had cataract surgery  Within the last six months I have suffered severe psin in my left eye.  My ophthamologis has give me Muro 128 eye drops and iointment...The pain after a week or so returns with the same intensity.  My doctor says the only fix is a cornea transplant, which at my age is not an option.  What else can I do?  The b;ister/scratch does not seem to be healing at all.
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You do not tell us the diagnosis that your doctor gave you but judging from the treatment you are having recurrent corneal erosions due to an underlying corneal condition.  You can learn about managing recurrent corneal erosions at www.dryeyezone.com.  The likelihood of success of non-surgical treatment depends on just what exactly is wrong with your cornea.
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