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Blisters in the eye area

Hi everyone,

I was very concerned for my mom and wanted to post this question seeking information.  My mom gets annual white blister-like sacs around her eye area (right now its around the outside/lateral side of her right eye).  The sacs are patches of white, pus-filled with the underlying skin to be slightly pinkish red.  The entire right eye area is swollen too, she can only open her eye halfway.  She gets these patches once every year since she was in 1st grade (now she's almost 50 y/o!).  A long time ago, her MD prescribed Zovirax which seemed to help calm the symptoms slightly but once again, they also reappear every year.  Any clue on this, is there a cure or anything?

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I would have to see it.  Zovirax is an anti-herpes drug since people can get the fever blister virus herpes simplex type 1 (not genital herpes type 2) around the face and even in the eyes.  Usually these sores are quite red and painful.  She could possibly also have some type of severe allergy.  It is important that she see an ophthalmologist right away since the symptoms are definitely abnormal and need attention.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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