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Blood vessels showing on eye and pressure pain behind

For several months now I have been getting a lot of pressure behind mostly my right eye (sometimes left) and when I do, it is almost always accompanied with blood vessels showing in the picture below, as well as pressure pain in my temple and at the right base of my skull. Sometimes it is also accompanied with what feels like an increase in blood pressure in my skull to the point that I swear I can taste blood in my mouth (even though none shows when I spit). It comes and goes at random, lasting a few hours, and I haven't figured out a trigger for it yet. Rare for it to happen in the mornings.


So far an ENT hasn't been able to determine what could be wrong. Any clues?
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The picture shows a rather non-specific dilation of the blood vessels.  Without a complete exam, it is hard to say what the cause is.  Based on the symptoms of pressure and pain, you should see an ophthalmologist for a complete exam.
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