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Blue light eye injure and many side effects , please help!?

Was using a picosure 440mn and accidentally reflected into a  mirror . Noticed changes in visual field but didn’t really care since it was I proving . Left eye   Shows double vision ( black and what letters ) to the 2 o’clock position . Right eye now shows double vision at 6 o’clock . What worries the most I can only see a mirror  6 feet away other wise looks wavy.
Also some line distortions on left eye. When I use my hand to create a pin  hole I have noticed a white round floater like irregularity that doesn’t go away right in the front vision. I.e. if I am looking at the tv and there’s a line it would look like  gace, glittery.  As I get closer the ilusión disappears. But getting closer enough I can see the pixels of the rv overlapping distorted .

Obviously when I look at electric poles they look like this gaze but much bigger , also freeway lines look hazy , the retina specialist said my eye sight is perfect.  Why would I see wavy imagines in a straight mirror ? Take a look at a pool and see the reflection that’s how now I see the mirrors . Please help.
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No way  I can help from hear.  You need to see eye MD ophthalmologist as soon as possible.  Need eye exam, Amsler grid test, macular OCT.  Generally no specific treatment for this.
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I saw an optomologist , this one did a VEP test which was failed ( once one square green ) . I was send out to the neuro  ophthalmologist, which send me to a cornea specialist ( which mentioned something about 40 left eye and 51 right eye , normal ) . Then was a lenses specialist which was going to fit me with a rigid lenses ( was not a candidate ) so I was send out to the retina specialist which stayed my Macula is beautiful and my exam is normal.  I am so confused !
I can't make any sense out of that information. My suggestion would be to make an appointment with the Eye MD that communicates the best, perhaps your primary eye can and ask for a review of all the work up to date.
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