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Blunt eye injury on my left eye. Life on the fast lane.

i was hit by a badminton birdie. Rushed immediately to the hospital. Diagnosed with Grade 2 hyphema, Commotio Retinae, Subluxeted lens,  6/60 Vision. Cornel abbrasion, mydriasis 8-9mm pupil. Multiple sphincter ruptures.

NO Retinal detachment,  Hyphema subsided after 2 weeks.

After 3 weeks, i have developed a choroidal rupture away from the macula. OCT shows ERM, Trumatic cataract.
blown up pupil. Even after 8 weeks, my vision has not improved yet.  Doctor has recommended for a Vitrectomy with ERM peel along with the cataract surgery. Every since my injury,  my IOP has always been between 1 to 5.

Should i go for vitrectomy along with cataract or is there any other alternatives.

I also heard that when u suture lens for traumatic cataract, you will no longer have access to the back of the retina.  is it true.

What are the chances of improving VA when i undergo Virectomy with ERM Peel. ?

What are the chances of developing Glaucoma ?

after 3 weeks of injury, i have also developed double binocular double vision which is affecting my everyday life. the vision which my left eye produces is not stable, it kinda hovers around when i walk or make any sudden movement.

Thank you very much for your effort.
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You have a horrendous injury and the chance of restoring normal vision is very poor.  Getting around vision would be a success. I cannot answer most of your questions due to these injuries being so unique. I suggest you get a second opinion from another local retina surgeon.  The chances of you getting traumatic glaucoma are probably at least 10%, the chance of suturing your dislocated lens in place is probably zero.   Your pupil may or may not recover but likely will always be larger than the other side. YOUR MOST IMPORTANT EYE IS THE UNINJURED EYE. MAKE SURE IT IS CHECKED TO BE SURE NORMAL. It needs to be protected from injury and disease as it will probably have to supply the good vision the rest of your life. That means thinking about every activity that has eye injury possiblity and avoiding it. (hang up playing racquet sports and contact sports like soccer)  Live a healthy lifestyle, don't smoke, don't get fat, eat good diet, regular doctor check ups.   You need to get into safety glasses as soon as possible to protect your good eye (even if it doesn't need a prescription high impact polycarbonate lens)  
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Thanks for the reply doctor,  How is the cataract performed with a zonular loss ? i heard about Glued IOL. what is your opinion on this.
Each case is different. some cases can be done almost the normal way with what is called "capsular tension rings" other cases the entire dislocated lens removed and a posterior capsular IOL sutured to the sclera, sometimes a retina surgery removed the eye from the back (Lensectomy and vitrectomy) and anterior segment surgeon sews in IOL.  Glue is used on cornea problems I have no experience with glue for dislocated IOLS.
Thanks again doctor.
in my case, since i have a zonular loss, which is the preferred  method for an IOL Implant ?
what kind of Lens would  you recommend, my Pinhole acuity is 6/12 now.
Only the surgeon looking at your eye can make those decisions.
Only the surgeon looking at your eye can make those decisions.
Thanks for the replies Doctor, i have a surgery scheduled in 2  weeks, Replacement of my IOL and Vitrectomy for macular pucker, i dont have a RD or a tear.
what i have noticed in the last 2 weeks is, what i look at an object, it kind of splits and moves to my right  (Blurry vision of my Left eye), i did look at the mirror to see if my left eye drifts to my right or not. but i doesn't, may be i cud not figure out. my VR Specialist said, my Diplopia may or may not go away after the surgery, if it doesn't, shoud i consult an Neuro-ophthalmologist ?
what might be the cause of diplopia, especially when the vision of my left eye keeps floating to my right side ?
thanks for your help doctor.
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It could be due to the trauma. it could be due to the vision not being so good in the injured to be operated on eye That makes it difficult for the eyes to remained aligned (poor fusion)  If this is the cause you should do better after the surgery if you are seeing better.
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My doctor also said that the vitreous gel has moved to the front of the eye.
i feel my eyes are still swollen  a bit even after 3 months of injury. wud it ever go back to its original size after vitrectomy ?
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A vitrectomy does not normally change the size of the eye. However the eyelid may droop more making it look smaller.
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