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Blurred vision after astigmatism correction, but something is strange.

Hello. I am 25 years old. I went to a optometrist and received the following prescription:

Right eye: sph: -0,50; Cylindrical: -2,50; axis: 5
Left eye: sph: 0; Cylindrical: -3,00; axis:175

On the exam, my vision on the left eye was 20/20 after the correction, but, after receiving my new eyeglasses, my vision was a little more blurred on the left eye than without the eyeglasses. My optometrist checked my eyeglasses and they are made correctly. I am asking this question because it is a bit strange, because the blur only occur when I am far away from the computer screen(70cm) or others objects. When I am very close, like, 30cm, my vision with the glasses is much, much better than without the eyeglasses. Could this be some adaptation problem?
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1. Have you worn glasses before?    If so what is the old RX?  What is the vision in the RE (you said LE was 20/20)   If you have worn glasses are the new frames much smaller or larger than the old pair?
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Sorry for my spelling erros, english is not my primary language. Yes, I have worn glasses before, but I had big problems with adaptation issues, so, after some months, I stopped use them. I don't have the old RX with me, but I remember that the astigmatism on the left eye was -3,75 at three years ago ; I dont remember the axis, but I am almost sure that it was around 180 and 175. The new lenses are a bit bigger that than the old pair. The vision in the right eye is, also, 20/20. Thanks for the help.
With astigmatism it creates an unnatural type of distortion. Straight lines look crooked (e.g. flag pole, wall of bricks) or round objects look oval.  The brain knows from experience that a flagpole is vertical and a circle is round so the visual part of the brains makes adjustments to conform mentally with what the brain knows about shapes. When the person starts wearing glasses or has a big change in glasses the glasses with the astigmatism correction may make things look tilted or oval.  Too much adjusting (glasses and brain).  What happens in most people is over a couple of weeks the brain stops adjusting and the glasses seem right. In a few cases the brain cannot adjust and the correction has to be reduced in amount.  From what you've described you appear well on on your way to adjusting.  That's about all I can tell you.
It is true, with glasses, the forms appears tilted and oval, but do you think that it can cause blurred vision at distance? I think that maybe the prescription is really wrong, so, if in two weeks the vision on the left eye do not change with adaptation, I will go back and talk to my optometrist about with. Thanks for the help.
You are welcome, best of luck. Depending on where you are looking far away, computer, reading you are looking through a different part of the lens.  The "optical center' of the lens could be misplaced.
I understood, maybe can really be the optical center. Other two things that I can add here is that when the background(of my monitor) is black and the letters are white, I see worse; and when the background is white and the letters are black(like the letters in this website), I see better with the glasses in my left eye. The other thing(that I forgot to mention) is that I received a diagnostic of amblyopia in my left eye some years ago, but I always had problems with adaptation with glasses because my brain try to fuse my vision, and it gave me frequent headaches and pain in the eyes; and, after the recent exam, my vision got much better by itself, to the point that I can se 20/20 in my left eye with glasses, so the optometrist said that, probably, I don't have amblyopia, because it is incurable. Can this information give to you some hint about the possible problem? Sorry for the questions, is that I don't want to remake my glasses again. I waited almost one month for them to be ready, and without them my vision is very bad even when I am in my computer, that is where I work and study. I can say that I adapted very well to them until now, no headaches nor eyestrain, so I am happy with them this way.
NO I have carried this conversation as far as I can.  
No problem, thanks for the help.
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