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Blurriness after Diagnosis of Corneal Infiltrates

I am new to wearing contacts but have worn glasses for years. I began wearing contacts in April of this year and my eyes began getting red in May. I figured they were just dry because the contacts I was wearing were not the best brand out there. Well it would clear up and come back so finally two weeks ago I knew something was wrong. My vision began getting blurry on occasion and I was real sensitive to bright lights. I went to my eye doctor just two days ago and he diagnosed me with Corneal Infiltrates. He prescribed me Torbadex a steriod eye drop. My redness, itchyness and light sensitivy is completely gone. However although the blurriness that was all the time is now better it still happens on occasion not as much though. Is this normal? Are my eyes permantely damaged or does it just take alittle longer to clear up completely?

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It is very doubtful that permanant damage will be done.  Usually things will clear up very well with the proper treatment, but you may still have a strong tendancy to develop corneal inflammation down the road.  Once things are cleared up, the main thing is to talk with your doctor to learn the best possible things to do to decrease the chances of another relapse.  That is the most important thing here.  ALso, contacts may possible be something you might have to avoid if the problem persists or returns.

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