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Blurry / Shimmering Vision

I had my right removed on 6/25 due to a tumor.

Since the surgery, I have had blurry/shimmering vision in a few spots in my good eye. One spot is in the lower 5:00 position next to my nose and another reaches from about 8:00 to 10:00 to the left of my central vision. I have had this since the surgery but not before. It has not changed shape, gotten any worse or any better. This is especially prominent when I look at a white wall, and when I close my eye, I can still see the shimmering but it does not move.

I have seen my Ophthalmologist who was able to compare the full workup he gave me pre-op with the one that he did about 6 weeks post op when I presented this issue. He stated that my left eye was perfect now as it was then and there is nothing that he can see in the various scans. He suggested that I not worry about it and it may just be my brain trying to cope with only one eye.

I saw my surgeon earlier this week and he mentioned that he had never heard of such a thing after eye removal surgery and kind of blew me off in a nice way... This seems to be consistent with symptoms of occular migraines only the condition persists and I have no headaches or pain at all.

My field of vision is fine as I can see through the blur without any issues. The brighter the surrounding lights, the better I am able to cope.

Looking for any other avenues to explore. Thanks
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So be sure you protect your remaining eye from injury and disease. Live a healthy live and take care of yourself physically.

There is a book, now out of print called "A Singular View: The Art of Seeing With One Eye" by Frank Brady. He was a pilot that lost an eye. It is an excellent resource for someone suddenly doing without an eye. You can buy it on Amazon it is pricey but I have used it for patients over the years and believe you would feel the expense worth it. Here is a link:


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Did you have a ocular melanoma? Such changes in the remaining eye are not normal.  Hopefully your remaining eye has been examined by both your personal ophthalmologist and the ophthalmic surgeon that removed the eye.

If the problem persists I would ask your personal physician to refer you to a retina specialist for another opinion.

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I had my right eye removed. Sorry about the typo. LOL
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Yes I did. And both docs examined it and found nothing. I'll take your advice and keep looking for an answer. Thanks
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Thanks doc. Protective glasses are always on, the cancer didn't spread and I have a great oncologist that will keep a good eye me (pun not intended). LOL

I've lost 25 lbs and have another 20 to go. I'm eating better and plan to get to working out again after my surgery is better healed.

I have that book and have used it as part of my rehab. I'm in a good place other than this blurriness. Thanks again for the great advice.
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Okay so here's some free advice:  Keep working on a great diet, get to a healthy weight and then stay there, weigh yourself daily, watch your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars (A1c test). No nicotine or cannabis, no more than 1 glass of wine except on special occasions, protect your skin and eye from ultraviolet light.

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