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Blurry and glare vision

I got hit on my left eye when I was 12 years old. since bact doctor told me to do surgery but i didnt. after 20 years this yera i went back to doctor they said i vahe a cataract and if I do surgery i will have 20/20 vision. I had a cataract surgery two weeks ago. But my vision did not improve at all. I hav a bruise and some tear top of my eyeball. it is really bothering me. I have blurry , glare, and hazy vision. some time my left eye vision sake. when i blink my eye the lense shake.is it normal? I went bact to see the doctor after one week, they said probavly my eye nerve was damaged when I got hit on my eyes. they say my vision will not improve. they told me to go back after one month and see a nerve specialist. so what cani do now. please advise.
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First, it sounds as though your lens implant is not stable, which is why you can see the world shake when you move your head or your eye.  This is not surprising since hard blunt trauma to the eye tends to loosen the supporting zonules (like suspension wires) that are needed to hold the lens implant in place. This can be a serious problem with long-term issues like glaucoma, so your doctor should be observing you carefully for this problem.  For example a loose implant can make the cornea swell, which can cause blurring and glare.  Occasionally the implant can actually break loose.

Nerve damage can be diagnosed (often) before the cataract surgery.

You should consider another opinion from a very experienced cataract surgeon.
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