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Blurry vision after YAG Capsilotomy

About 3 days ago I had a YAG Laser Capsilotomy due to a secondary cataract, which was caused by cataract surgery. A little over a year ago I had retinal surgery (Vitrectomy) for a Macular Pucker, which caused the initial cataract. Anyway, my vision is much better than it was prior to the YAG. When looking straight ahead, up and down and to the left the vision is fine. However, when I move my eye to the right, this somewhat blurry cloud slides in from the left and covers my vision to make things blurry. When I blink it becomes clear again until the next time I move my eye to the right (which is a lot). I called the doctor and he said it could be a leftover piece from the YAG that will go away or maybe a flap that will fold.?? He was speaking through his nurse on the phone and didn't explain. If it does not go away within two weeks then I will see him again. I have had seen some floaters from the YAG that looked like little shards. I know what those look like and they went away. I doubt that this is a piece from the laser treatment as it is so big it covers the most of my vision. After all that I have been through with this eye, I am concerned that this thing might be permanent.  Has anyone else had this experience after having the YAG laser procedure and if so, what was your treatment and outcome?  Thanks for your time.
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Perhaps the same surgeon did all the treatment, but more likely different surgeons. CALL YOUR RETINA SURGEON> my feeling is you need to be seen by the retina surgeon very very soon, no later than Monday to be sure it is not a torn or detached retina.  It is most likely vitreous debris, the retina surgeon can tell you whether to worry or not.  CALL THE RETINA SURGEON TOMORROW
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Thank you Doctor. Just called my retinal surgeon. Waiting for a call back. Have two different doctors, one for retina and one for cataract. Will post the outcome later.
Thanks. I believe the retina MD will be a lot more concerned.
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