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Blurry vision and no depth perception

About 6 to 8 months ago my vision started to decline from being 20/20 or better. I can see everything up close in perfect detail but small items outside of 10-15 feet are just blurs such as license plates while I'm driving. I didn't consider this an issue until I went to join the Air Force and was denied the job I wanted because I failed the depth perception test. My eyes constantly feel like they do after you first wake up, when you are adjusting to being able to see again, except mine never adjust. Is there anything to fix this such as contacts, glasses or laser eye surgery or am I SOL do to some sort of brain damage? I would like to fix this as soon as possible so I can continue with my enlistment. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated and thank you in advanced.
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You need a thorough eye exam and a diagnosis. It sounds like you may have a little or moderate need for distance prescription for which glasses, contacts or lasik surgery may be recommended.
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Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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