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Both eyes with ReStor IOL. Left eye still hazy/vaseline vision after 5 weeks.

I had right eye cataract on Dec 28th with Restor 12.0D +3.
Left eye cataract surgery on Jan 13th with Restor 11.0D +3

My right eye is pretty good, I can see 95% of the time but using -.5 eyeglass prescription makes everything so much sharper.  

Left eye is still blurry and feels more like "vaseline vision".  It also feels like something is in my left eye, no pain at all just very slight sensation.  Also, when I try looking with just my left eye, there is no distance which is in complete focus, every distance is still blurry, even 3-4 feet.  My right eye can focus 2-6 feet distance perfectly.  

I went to the eye doctor today and they did the OCT scan (without dilation) and said I do not have CME. I am still taking megabrom eye drops twice a day. (8 weeks total).

Doctor told me to add refresh tears and continue with megabrom.  He also said that I shouldn't be comparing each eye separately as IOL's need to work together but I feel like my left eye should be in focus somewhere in my field of vision and when I use both eyes, I feel like my right eye is doing all the work.

Is it possible my lens power in my left eye is incorrect, hence no in focus vision at any distance?
Will the vaseline vision spontaneously go away?
Could the OCT test have been incorrect and just couldn't detect early CME?

Thank you.
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If there is no distance in complete focus with your left eye, I'd wonder whether you have some uncorrected astigmatism which may be the issue, you don't mention that. Did they tell you what your refraction is, the prescription you'd need for distance correction, both sphere and cylinder?

Unfortunately "vaseline vision"  is a symptom that may have multiple causes, a search turns up some examples such as refractive error:

"Laser enhancement may provide solution to 'waxy vision' complaints"

Or lens centration:

"• Centration. “Vaseline vision” after cataract surgery with a multifocal IOL often results from a large angle kappa, even when the lens is well centered within the capsular bag. Intraoperative centration is critical, although postoperative intervention is a possibility. Laser iridoplasty to re-center the pupil has been shown to improve visual acuity, but this is only an option in mild cases of decentration."

When it mentions "angle kapp", it is referring to:

"However, if the patient has significant angle kappa, the pupillary axis is not in alignment with the visual axis, which leads to patient dissatisfaction even
when the lens appears to be well centered. "

i.e. with some people the line going through the center of their vision, their visual axis, doesn't go through the center of the pupil, so a lens centered on the center of the pupil may be off center from the perspective of the patient.

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