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Brief Aura, Persistant Pulsating Gray Area

Month ago had 1-2 second bright strobe flashing in my right eye.  When asked if I had floaters that night I noticed a pulsating darkish gray area when left eye covered and viewing bright white background.  Seemed like it went from elongated shape to more rounded area with each pulse and then back.  At the time did not notice it in left eye.  Pulsating area falls just off the very SW edge of an Amsler grid so not central vision.  No headache after the original flashing.  I don't drink, take drugs or smoke, nor am taking prescription or over the counter drugs.  Do have history of migraines since teen years, but never migraine with visual symptoms.

I saw my eye doctor 5 days later and he saw nothing wrong with my eyes.  Blood tests ordered to rule out various things and all negative.  I returned 5 days later for a visual field test, but because of the pulsating I don't think it showed any defect.  A week later I still had the pulsating gray area and also noticed that it was visible in my left eye too and in same area, so returned to eye doctor for check and MRI & MRA (contrast) all were negative.  Then went to my primary and she ordered more blood tests which all came back negative.  I will be seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist next week.  The pulsating gray area is still there, however, it is more diffuse and lighter gray then in the beginning.    Through out all of this I have varied in feeling funny in the head to being slightly nauseated, ocassionally feel like my heart is racing - but my pulse is normal, feeling feverish-but not having fever, to achy legs, but figured most symptoms were due to my brain trying to see through a pulsating blob.  I do have Celiac disease, though don't think it is linked to this.

I know going to all these doctors is the right thing, though a bit concerned - could I have missed the window of them being able to measure something since I could not get an appointment until 5 days after the event?  Thank you for any insight.
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Sounds strange.  Appropriate to wait and see the neuro-ophthalmologist.  Lets wait and see what he/she says.

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Forgot to add that did have some dull achiness and feeling of fulness in or behind my right eye on and off at times.
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FYI, saw retinal specialist and having more tests done - ERG and visual field tests.   Hopefully it is something simple and it can resolve on its own.  Should have asked what they were thinking it could be, though I have general ideas.

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