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Bright light damage the iris

If you were to constantly shine a bright light from a mobile phone torch close to the iris ,could the heat and light have an effect on the pigments (melanin) in the iris causing the iris to turn darker in color, in the same way sunlight can effect the pigments (melanin) in the iris
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Since 2014 I see this strange phenomenon,  every time I go to a bright area (natural light) and return to a dark area my Visio starts to shine bright lights,  or flashes,  I can see clearly if I close my eyes,  it is a pulsing tone of blue flashing,  then it stops,  Sometimes I can see a full circle dissolving.  The same occurs if I close my eyes over a period seeing,  gazing things.  This is not after image,  I wonder what cause this,  some sort of retina reaction to light?   Very  rarely it occurs when I'm in the dark,.  I visited many eyemds  but I feel weird asking this,  I don't recall asking them if  this is normal,  they just examined my eyes and say all good
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It is not normal. If it was serious over 7 years other symptoms would have developed or new symptoms appear.  See an Eye MD ophthalmologist every year, tell them of this problem. If you have not had a macular OCT test ask for one next check up.
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Never, otherwise the whole world would be in trouble.
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Is it just UV light that effect the pigments in the iris?
The iris is not especially sensitive to UV light. Mostly it is the lens where sunlight (not cell phones) can contribute to cataracts over a lifetime of exposure and macular degeneration.
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