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Bright light flash in corner of vision

I get a quick flash of bright light in the outer corner of my vision in my right eye. It is very fast and only happens  sometimes. Usually while or after watching TV. Female, 54 yo. Wear glasses for distance (nearsighted). Currently have hypertension. Treatment is Norvasc 5mg.
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I recently had the same thing I believe.. It was like strobe light flashes in my eye !
I called to report it to my eye surgeon - I had recently had cataract surgery and was concerned . In the literature about the surgery it said 'if you experience "lightening" in your vison CALL US IMMEDIATELY... I did.. They have not bothered to return my call.. its been 2 wks !
I suggest go to eye doc - now ....
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See an ophthalmologist if it continues or especially floaters.

Dr. O.
This is happening to me to like suddenly I get strobe light flash in my eyes for like 0.5 seconds and then it goes away I've noticed it like three times in the past week should I rush to my optometrist or can I wait for my next appointment
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