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Bright spot when blinking,retinal detachment

I read many posts about bright spot when blinking,but i also when not blinking see at bright surfaces a static like noise in affacted eye
I had eye exam from ophtamologist and she says my eyes are healthy,
Now new symptom is when i look at something straight,it becomes curved when i focus at something else..
Do i need new exam?
Does ordinary exam with dilated eyes can detect retinal damage,she says no sign of retinal detachment..
I have only astigmatism..is that maybe cause of curvy rounded lines?but i not noticed that before this bright spot or static noise..
When is dark or night no issues.
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Since you have new symptoms a repeat eye exam is needed, It should include dilation of pupils and a MACULAR OCT. Call your ophthalmologyst for further advice.
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thank you doctor,yes i had today macular oct like you advised me, and new exam,
diagnose is central serous rethinopathy,
i have fluid build above macula,and my doctor say it will reslove on its own.
i got some eye drops and thats all.
i am 36 years old male,no chronic desease no hypertension.
maybe cause for this ,i got several hits in head during sparring boxing in right temple area,after 7-10 days i develeop symptoms.
can thoose hits cause this?
thank you doc once again
CSR is not due to trauma, it occurs in young people, males more than females. The exact cause is not known.  There is a brand new article in a major ophthalmology journal this month that says heavy, prolonged exercise MIGHT be a cause.  The fluid does not always resolve, medications can be used to try and get the fluid to dry up. Your "doctor" should be a Eye MD ophthalmologist that specializes in retina/Macula/vitreous disease.   BOXING AND MARTIAL ARTS MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR EYES AND BRAINS. Very high incidence of retinal detachments in boxers/fighters plus dementia and Parkinson's disease don the road.
I got from MD inspra tablets,i read they are  regulary used for heart disease or something ,and some eye drops..
Yes my doctor is opthamologyst specializes for retina,she says only problem in my case,edema or fluid is above macula,and due to gravity it can affect macula..but medication should dry up ..
Thank you doctor your posts are helpfull.
You are welcome. Most of my CSR patients have done well  including one of my eye surgery colleagues.
Hello doc can i ask one more question
I had OCT scan 6 months ago and showed  litlle PED far away from macula doctor writte on report  SMALL PED AND CSR,now repeated OCT scan show complete resorbtion of PED,(on the OCT image report initial picture of my retina showed red area ,now is green)
Doctor advised me to just monitor and repeat OCT in few months.
Pls can you advise me,it is good sign that PED resolved on its own?
I have still good vision on that eye but very slight bend lines and grey spot when blink against bright surface.
Thank you a lot for your respones.
PED= Pigmented epetheliam detachment   Yes good its gone. But if you still have curved lines it would be important to know if the macula edema (swelling) is still present.

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