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Brown spot on sclera?

I have this brown spot on the sclera of my eye. It is quite sizeable and makes me extremely self-conscious. I avoid eye contact whenever I can. I believe I've had this all my life, but it seems to have gotten deeper in colour, thus more noticeable.What may have caused this, is it harmful, and is there anything I can do to remove it? I visit an ophthalmologist every year or so for an ongoing eye condition, but he has never seemed concerned about this spot, and I haven't expressed my concerns to him either thus far. I am planning to do so on my next visit, but your opinions please!
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In general, if things don't grow or change, they are benign. Hopefully your doctor has been documenting the size and color.

Often, these can be removed, but I usually don't recommend it unless there is a problem such as discomfort or a change in size/color.
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