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Brown stain on the eye


My daughter is 11 years old and was born with a brown stain on the blue of her right eye.  When she was a baby the stain was small, as she's getting older the stain is larger now.  Since she was born I've been bringing her to the eye specialist.  About 2 months ago we went to her appointment and the Specialist want's her to wear a hat and sunglasses everytime she goes outside.
I'm scared that it can lead to cancer by the time she is 30 years old. Should I be concern?  
Thank you
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What you are describing is an Iris nevus I think.  I don't think sun exposure has anything to do with it.  If it is growing, you may want to get the opinion of an ocular oncologist (harder to find than other specialists) to make sure it is nothing to worry about.  The hat and sunglasses thing may just be good advice for a lightly colored individual.  Make sure your specialist is at least an ophthalmologist/eye MD.

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