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Bump on eye...heard it might be a cyst

I have been doing a bit of internet research lately trying to figure out my best course of action or possible home remedy for a small, painless, white bump on the inner corner of my lower eye lid.  The only time it will hurt is if I rub it hard.  I tried to pop it once thinking it was a pimple.  It has been about a year now and it has never gone away.  
I read on a couple of websites that this could be a type of cyst but all the pictures that were shown looked nothing like mine.  

It looks extremely similar to a "white head" pimp.  But is hard with no sort of puss.  It has grown in size and I am not sure if this is due to with me messing with it or if there is a deeper problem.  

If someone has any idea of what this could be and my best course of action (which I am sure is to go see a Dr.).  I would really appreciate it.  
I currently have no insurance so if there is a simple home remedy I guess that would be my preferred option.  

Link to see picture of eye => http://a419.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/25/l_9182823654b705f2cb2623196da7a08a.jpg

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That's a great picture, much clearer that we is usually posted. That appears to be an inclusion cyst. Very common. Not likely at all to be any type of worrisome growth. Nothing you can do to make these go away as the don't have a central pore like a whitehead.

You will either need to leave it be until you get insurance or pay out of pocket to have it removed. The cost will vary but if you had it it likely would come in at less than $175.

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