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Bump on the inside of my eyelid

So I have this bump on the inside of my left eye that has been there for almost 2 weeks. At first I thought it was a stye so I bought some homopathic relief drops and I've been putting a warm towel on it to see if it would release but it hasn't. My eye was puffy last week but now its just a big bump on my eye and red. It's not on my eyelid where my eyelashes are so now I'm wondering if its even a stye to begin with. Its starting to feel like the bump is getting harder and it doesnt hurt anymore but its just not pretty to look at and I want to put my contacts back in and stop wearing my glasses. What do you think it is?
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It sounds like a chalazion which is a solid, lump of collected oily secretions from a meibomian gland in the eyelid.  Warm, moist compresses are usually helpful but you may need prescription drops and sometimes more invasive treatments like excision for unimproved cases.  See an ophthalmologist right away for an evaluation.  You need it.

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