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Can CSR heal on its own?

I'm just wondering if CSR can heal on its own and how long does it take? And, I am a very young male who got it at age 25. I have no idea what caused it. And, I'm surprised and unaware of this condition!
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Yes it often clears without treatment; and often reoccurs. Go on my home page, look through the Journal Posts about 30+ and read the CSR article there.
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Ok, will do!
And try and relax extreme stress is a factor in CSR in most studies.
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I will! I was called to see a glaucoma specialist today and all my results came out negative. Even for CSR. But, the glaucoma specialist will refer to me a retina specialist to rule out further diagnosis. I have no idea what's happening because a week ago they found a small "hole" in my Macula OCT whereas today they didn't find any fluid leakage. So, I'm hoping that the retina specialist will find something that is related to my symptoms. So good news that there is nothing associated with glaucoma. Lets hope that the retina specialist doesn't rule out anything positive! To be honest, I have no idea what's happening to my vision! I'm not sure maybe if stress and anxiety will play a factor in the end.
Well good luck and let us know how the retina consult turns out
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I do plan on updating you as soon as I see a retina specialist. I have a few questions and would really appreciate if you can answer them for me so I can have a better idea of what may be going on with my vision.
(1) I have this vision symptom that whenever I tend to read on a laptop or cellphone, or especially on a paper (black and white), letters would tend to become either wavy, distorted, or lose a part of the letter and instantly come back to it's original standing (time to time). For instance, the letter "L" - it would instantly lose a part of the straight line and come back instantly (very hard to describe). And, they would become "watery looking" - best description.
(2) I'm not sure if this is recently happening, but at distance cars are becoming smaller then they should be and I'm worried if my vision is progressing to worse.
(3) I just saw a glaucoma specialist, and he did not rule out anything to do with glaucoma and I don't understand how he did not find out anything that was going inside my eye. At the hospital, before seeing the glaucoma specialist, they found out that I had a small leakage in my OCT scan and a week after, the glaucoma specialist said I did not have CSR and that there was no fluid of leakage. So, I'm starting to change my mind about the CSR as the main factor to my problem or maybe the retina specialist could rule that out.
(4) If it's not glaucoma, and lets say my macula is fine, then maybe all this can be linked to a neurological disorder or a brain tumor - in which I may have to get a MRI scan.
(5) The more that I wait for a retina specialist, the more I am worrying that my symptoms may get worse, and I do not know what to do at this state of mind. My anxiety will start kicking in worse.
In your opinion, what do you think might be going on? And, what should I do?
1. That symptoms suggests macular pathology but many possible causes: CSR, macular degeneration, macular membrane, blockage of artery or vein near macula
2. That often is a macula symptoms is called "micropsia" if the image seems larger than it should be "macropsia" if distorted "metamorphopsia"
3. The OCT can be used for different things. In glaucoma its usually used around the optic nerve and measure nerve fiber layer thickness. Unless a Macular OCT was done the NFL Oct would not even look at the macula.
4. Your symptoms all point to a primary eye problem likely in the macula and its not likely neurological.
5. One would be to call the retina specialist tell them your symptoms have gotten much worse and there is more central distortion. I don't know where you live but in the USA the standard of care would require the retina specialist to see you that day. Retina offices are set up for same day emergency exams and always leave open spots for same day exam.
6. another thing would be to discuss how you deal with anxiety in your life with your family MD. You might benefit from seeing a psychiatrist or a psychologist for cognitive behavior training and other anxiety reducing techniques.
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I went to the hospital and they never called a retina specialist. I will try to go again tonight with my parents and try to get into touch with one. It's getting worse and I can't wait that longer. Thank you again for your time and answering. I'm getting more convinced that it's either CSR or Macula Degeneration.
Where do you live?
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I live in Ottawa. Why?
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