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Can I ever wear contacts again or will I have to get lasik?

I got a corneal ulcer/bacterial infection from sleeping in my contacts. It was horrible I was on fortified antibiotics(vancomycin & cephazolin) unable to work and in an IMMENSE amount of pain. It healed, they said 100%. They said wearing contacts was totally fine. 2 weeks later after I got off of the steroids and everything I double checked w the doctors and they said go for it! And that my cornea is healed. I do. For 3 days and then the infection came back! New contacts (acuvue), new saline, new case, washed my hands a million times and wore for less than 8 hours.

So most people think so just let your eye heal don’t wear contacts? No, I work with kids (early toddlers) and it’s so hard to wear glasses around them all of the time. And second of all wearing glasses really impacts my confidence (even though I like my frames!!)

I’m wondering should I consider lasik? Should I wait 3 months and just do dailies? I’m TERRIFIED of the thought of never being able to wear contacts again and being stuck in contacts. I’m worried I won’t even qualify for lasik bc of my cornea issues (it was nowhere near my vision though). I’m scared… I’m ordering dailies just in case but how do I do this safely???? How can I be sure my eyes ok to wear contacts?

I’m obviously not going to just listen to what ppl say online and run everything by my doctor I just want y’all’s experiences if you have any. This has been so hard I haven’t worked since and am finishing up my second ROUNDS of antibiotics and steroids.
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I have been wearing soft contacts since about 1975, and have never had an infection. However, I have never worn the kind that are left in for more than when I am awake. More recently before cataract surgery I have worn daily lenses. I have tried several kinds and found the Costco Kirkland dailies the best. They are actually CooperVision MyDay. I can wear them all day, but I found it better to take them out about an hour before bed. The lower Costco cost makes using dailies more affordable.
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You are fortunate not to have had permanent damage or even lost your eye(s).  My own opinion is you would be ill advised to continue with contact lens.  Either make you peace with glasses or get at least 2 independent opinions from highly qualified corneal/refractive surgeons on refractive surgery.
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I’ve been using daily wear (non disposable) contacts since 1977 and have never experienced a corneal infection.
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As a caveat, I did completely stop wearing contacts for about a year following intraocular surgery in 2015 to allow my operative left eye a generous recovery period and for my visual acuity to totally stabilize. That was by my own choice to do so for that long of a time. I don’t care much for glasses either, but they were much preferred over contacts altogether in my opinion and experience if there was even the slightest chance of corneal issues.
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