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Can I ever wear contacts?

I feel like this should be an easy answer, but doctors still have me confused.  I don't have a serious eye condition.  I have astigmatism in one eye & I guess a pretty minor one in the other, & I'm nearsighted.  I saw an optometrist then an ophthalmologist, & neither could get me into contacts that worked.  Then I saw another ophthalmologist - the only one who pointed out that I have dry eye.  

It's not severe, I'm not in pain.  I had lower punctal plugs inserted, started taking an omega-3 supplement, & prefer the mineral oil eye drops.

The dry eye pretty much explains why weekly & monthly contacts blurred after a day.  I have some new daily testers (toric), but I’m not sure if I’m wasting my time with these or not.  Wearing them at the ophthalmologist’s office, the tests show that my vision is 20/20.  But I don’t feel like I’m seeing that well.  There’s a constant sort of blur to everything (same with multiple brands).

I was told that I would need to get used to them.  I wore them one day for 6 hours & they were still blurred.  I can’t wear them at work to get used to them – I stare at 2 computers & numbers all day, the blur is too much to handle with that.  

I’m used to wearing glasses, so I’m comparing the contacts to the glasses (like hey – the first time I put glasses on, I saw fine!).  I realize this is a different thing.  If the prescription is right, & I’m using eye drops so the contacts feel comfortable, do I just need to stick this out?  Could I just wear the contacts in the evenings & weekends for a while to get used to them?  Even though I was told I’d need to get used to them, I just haven’t had great luck with the eye doctors.

Is there a normal period of time to get used to contacts?

Thank you!!!
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Not likely you are going to be able to wear contacts. If you have made you peace with glasses move on with your life. Dry eyes one of the most common reason for not be able to wear contacts especially in females.  Not everyone can wear contacts.
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Even in younger people 20% of the patients our practice does LASIK/PRK/SMILE procedure on are due to not being able to continue contact lens due to dry eyes.
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@x_Airia_x I would not think that mineral oil eye drops would be compatible with wearing contacts, or for that matter any drops other than something like Refresh artificial tears (that's what I use on occasion with RGP contacts). As Dr. Hagan suggests, stick with glasses if need be since you're used to them and they work.
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Thank you both for responding!  It was actually pointed out to me that I had dry eye issues at a Lasik consult.  That confused me because I had 2 eye exams at 2 different places within about the past year & a half before the Lasik consult – neither place mentioned dry eye, but they did try to help me with contacts.

This last time, the woman who was helping me with contacts told me my muscles & brain would need time to get used to contacts (as in a few days, but I can’t wear them at work).  My eyes don’t feel dry with the contacts in, they almost feel like the opposite.  

I was told the mineral oil drops were fine to use (that was a new thing I tried, I had the blur both with & without those drops).  But I did think it was strange because they don’t specify that they’re contact safe.

I’m reeeally trying to not have to wear glasses (or at least not all the time).  I have this other weird thing that sort of complicates it (basically glasses drive me crazy sitting on the bridge of my nose…Dr. Hagan, I know I’ve seen you in the forum for “Why do my eyes feel weird looking at certain objects?” – I’m still seeing doctors on that issue).

Would it be worth it to try wearing my glasses at work & the contacts in the evenings / weekends for a week or two?  Or was wearing them for 6 hours with no improvement enough of a test?

Thank you for any input!
First of all the diagnosis of dry eyes is often made on the basis of complaints: Dry, sandy, scratchy, red,  watery, light sensitivity.  Only severe dry eye can be diagnosed from just exam without asking questions.  Wearing soft contacts is not like the old hard plastic contacts where there was a long break in time. Depending on how important you feel contacts are you can spend a lot more time and money with some chance of damaging your eye.   Remember an eye that waters a lot is a form of dry eye. The EyeMD name is Ocular surface disorder.   Two forms. No tears is Aqueous deficiency (I have and am on restasis) and the eyes water all the time. “Evaporative or lipid deficiency” (my wife has and is on restasis()
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